Explore the unspoilt beauty of the unique province of Friesland and Terschelling

Holiday Overview

Friesland unspoilt and laid back, perched at the very top of the Netherlands a province that has its own language, culture, and history dating back many centuries, it is blessed with plenty of waterways and canals, craggy fishing villages and port towns such as Hindeloopen and Harlingen with charming with 16th-century architecture Leeuwarden the capital surrounded by water and the black and white Frisian cows are to be found here.

Along the top of Friesland lie the West Frisian Islands we will visit Terschelling the island where migrating birds gather in late summer and we will cross The Frisian Sea habitat of marine mammals, such as seals and porpoises, it is the last remaining large-scale, low-tide ecosystems where natural processes continue to function. Cities in The Netherlands range in size from very large like Amsterdam to the size of villages, but they are all called cities on this tour they are either the size of villages or small towns.

Tandems and Electric Bikes (must have removable batteries for charging) welcome.